Dear Friends, Fans & Family,

The Vivants are SO excited to be launching our Kickstarter Campaign TODAY!

We have spent some time preparing for this big day by creating a campaign
that outlines our project and the AWESOME rewards we are offering in exchange for
your generous donations.
If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, in nutshell, it’s a way for creative
projects such as albums, comic books, sriracha flavored ketchups and films
(to name a few) to get funded and launched into the world!
The Vivants are campaigning for 30 days:  November 9 through December 9 to raise
$5,500 big ones to complete our FULL LENGTH ALBUM.

All the details are here: one catch with this campaign is we HAVE to meet our $5,500 goal by DEC. 9th or we get don’t get nothing!  We hope you can find something you would like in our REWARDS packages: banjo lessons? accordion serenade?  home baked pies?  Lil’ Jimmy’s mullet?

To help get the word out, we will be performing several shows this month starting TOMORROW night, Sat. Nov. 10th at The Lucky Horseshoe in SF.
9pm – 12a. $5

Also, November 16th at The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz
and November 24th at The Plough & Stars in SF w. Whiskey + Women!

Can’t wait to invite you all to our CD RELEASE party in 2013!
hugs + kisses,

Emily Bonn & The Vivants

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